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Our precious national treasure spectrolite was accidentally discovered during the early 1940s  when Salpalinja fortification line was being constructed in Ylämaa.

The structure of the world’s most beautiful labradorite is very special. The crystal is like a pack of cards consisting of a number of extremely thin layers on top of each other. You can see all spectral colours on the crystal: blue, green, gold and different hues of copper and red. The play of colours called labradorization is caused, among other things, by reflection of light from the thin crystal layers.

Literally a piece of Finland, spectrolite is the most precious of gifts and today spectrolite jewellery is carried even by many high-ranking official guests. Spectrolite is used in jewellery, watches, clocks, decorative and practical objects, kitchen tops, tombstones, floor and wall slabs and at simplest it works as a decoration on sauna stove: when water is thrown on the stove, spectrolite crystals shine brightly.

Spectrolite is also exported as blocks of rough stone, cut and polished cabochons or as jewellery. There is good reason for us to be proud and happy, as we are lucky to have an abundant deposit of the world's most rare beautiful labradorite - spectrolite - sparkling in the colours of rainbow!

Class A spectrolite from the spectrolite classification chart.



More info about Spectrolite classification chart:

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Granites:   Baltic Brown, Baltic Green, Baltic Red

A massive 300 000 tonnes (approx. 7500 trailers) of granite with a value of 30 million Euros are also quarried from the bedrock of  Ylämaa annually, most of it Ylämaa brown rapakivi granite  recognizable for its attractive crystalline texture.




          Ylämaa Brown (Baltic Brown) granite