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                                                                 Pick your own Spectrolite gem at Gem hunting visit

Visit us or pick up your group to a treasure Gem hunting tour and find Spectrolite, Finnish national and worlwide famous precious gem stone, at quarries and pick up your own gems, or admire the massive size of one of the largest granite quarries in Finland during the same tour. That is where the famous Ylämaa Baltic Brown granite is quarried. You will feel the calming effect of nature and experience the pure joy of discovery.

The tour may be supplemented by your request with visit to Salpalinja Defence Line, fortification . There are several places in Ylämaa where you can eat tasty unpretentious home food or have a pleasant coffee break during the tour. Let us know and we will take care of your gem hunting visit. 

Now we have Spectrolite gem hunting tour directly without appoinment also in October 1.10 - 31.2021, starting point at Gem Museum daily at 1:30 pm  (navigation)address: Kivikylantie 4, 54410 Lappeenranta.

Guiding by appoinment to Spectrolite Gem hunting tour:

Basic tour, duration around 1-2h
-starting point Gem Museum at Spectrolite Gem Centre to spectrolite quarry

Extended tour, duration 3h
--starting point Gem Museum at Spectrolite Gem Centre to spectrolite quarry

Price 40€ / person depending on the number of participants and  places to be visited.




Further information and bookings:

eskohamalainen@hotmail.com Esko Hämäläinen,
Tel. +358 400 391 590 or Whatsapp+358 400 391 590