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For most of us stones only mean brown or grey moss-covered glacial erratic boulders deposited in the forest, or gravel in the yard. Therefore the diversity of shapes, colours and structures of gemstone crystals hidden in the bedrock provide a great surprise to the visitor.

Do not hesitate to step into the Ylämaa Gem Museum! You will be introduced to the amazing world of minerals: among other things you will see a replica collection of the world’s most famous diamonds, desert roses, ocean jaspers, a quarter-ton rose quartz from Madagascar, various mineral ores and 4000 other exciting specimens. Prehistoric fossils, corals and meteorites are also fascinating.

You will learn a lot about the most beautiful labradorite of the world, spectrolite, found only in Ylämaa, some kilometers from Gem Museum. At the museum you will also be presented fluorescent minerals radiating in magnificent bright colours, an experience to remember.

Unusual and fantastic minerals !


Guiding languages: Finnish, Swedish, English

Open: 1.6.-23.8. Mon-Sun 12-15
Other times for groups by advance booking

Entrance fees:

-adults4 €, children 2 €, under 12- year olds free with parents
-special offers for groups (minimum 8 people)

Information and bookings:

tel. +358 400 391590, Whatsapp +358 400 391590, Esko Hamalainen
tel. +358 400 391590